Aion: The Tower of Eternity PC gameplay 1680×1050 8xAA highest available settings (720p HD) #4

Aion PC gameplay at highest available settings on a Q6600, 8800GT OC 625MHz 512MB, 4GB RAM. Lv20 Gladiator (Feb 2009 old prepatches) gameplay (& animations) as 2h sword, poleaxe/polearm and 1h+shield against Lv19-20 monsters. Note that I had 700-800ms on Korean servers. Old Auction House system at the end. The 2 effects at the beginning are edited. HD quality playback might have issues with low performance computers. Bad quality a la ancient cellphone cam with 5fps? Misleading video content that doesn’t match the description? Rickrolled? or are you rating 1 for hating..? Any personal agenda against Aion should be taken with NCSoft instead, not me.