Aion Ranger PVP/gank in Abyss lvl 28 Open Beta

Please feel free to leave comments and Rate this video I was bored so i decided to pull out a fun pvp video with my lvl 28 ranger doing some pvp and gank in abyss. I used windows movie maker so don’t expect any fancy editing just collected all the videos i captured and glued them together with some music ^_^ No below Level 25 Players were harmed in this video and thanks to all the players who played with me 🙂 dd/mm/yy 12-09-2009 Open Beta Footage Server: Telemachus Europe Guild: Hyperion Software Used: Windows Movie Maker Fraps Song Used: -K-POP Girl Power (MasaMixes korean girl groups mash-ups) The link for the video you can find the download link in the description -Tell Me by Wonder Girls -Blacklight Babe Guilty Gear soundtrack Thank you for watching