Aion – PvP – Sorcerer Solo

Friends were taking a while to get online, so I went off to the abyss on my own to hunt some furbacks. I’m fantastic at forgetting to turn fraps on, but this time I got all of it 🙂 -edit- This video is OLD. I was on the cutting edge of leveling at the time: literally 99% of the player base was lower level than me, supported by NCSoft’s own site statistics at the time. At level 27, I was a mere two levels above the entry requirements for the Abyss. This means two things: * Everyone in this vid has almost NO IDEA how to play, including me. Some of the info in this vid is downright wrong. * There’s no ganking here, folks — everyone is about the same level as I. -/edit- Server: Nezekan Music is Concord Dawn – Morning Light