Aion 21-26 Elyos Sorcerer PvP

THIS VIDEO IS NOT DONE BY ME. ALL CREDIT GOES TO SOCIO. The video has been cut short by myself by about 2 minutes to fit on youtube. The full video can be downloaded at Comment by Socio: Recorded on Chinese retail, level 21-26 Elyos Sorcerer. Couple things: 1: Tilda(~) is used as Target’s Target bind, unbind that if you plan to use it for other stuff. (in my case starting Fraps, thus dropping my target in early scenes.) 2: I’m still learning the game and trying out new things, so plenty of mistakes are shown. 3: These clips are mostly 1v1’s with approximately equal levels. Recorded in patch 1.0 on Chinese server, hence why it’s a bit laggy sometimes.