Aion 2 Man Boss Kill

This is a video of me and a Assassin 2 manning the Kaiden Headquarters boss Sartemon. To see his loot table go here: ya the boss dropped nothing for us this time =(. Fight was a little messy at start. Ya I know this boss isn’t the most excting boss in the game but its still a boss. The basic fight mechanics are Tank and Spank after you kill the 3 Priest Adds. The initial burst damage from all 4 mobs is the hardest part of fight. Intro Song: Harry Potter Theme First Song: Breaking Benjamin – Home People in video: Me- Level 45 Cleric and Cses Level 45 Assassin. If you got any question about Clerics I made a Cleric Guide. Go to this link: Hope you enjoyed the video. More to come!!!! -SuperFox