The Journey of Zipporah in Aion CB4 (L1-L22 cleric)

This is a compilation of video material I recorded while playing my cleric Zipporah from level 1 to 22 in the Aion closed beta test 4 (at highest detail settings) It’s represented in chronological order, as a journey from starting the game at low level until the guild event at the end of beta 4. It took some 20 hours to create this video and learn how to work with Adobe Premiere Elements 7 at the same time. Much effort has been put into the synergy between the soundtrack and the video clips so I hope you will enjoy the end result. I also recommend watching the video until the very end. The higher level cleric is more interesting to see than the lower level one as it has more abilities and involves grouping as well. Also that synergy between the music and the video reaches its highlight near the end. And there is a short extra after the end credits. 🙂