Tara Playing Aion- Elyos Sorcerer

Tara (4 yo) playing on Aion CBT5. Gwendylyr, Elyos Sorcerer, Zikel server. For those who want to flame and dont understand gaming with kids in the house, its impossible to play games on the computer without being nagged 1000 times to let them play as well. Turns out that Taras quite capable of levelling her own characters as well as doing quests, killing monsters and collecting (aka picking plants ahah). I *know* she will have trouble in the Aion pvp zones, but its all for FUN and entertainment. As if youre going to group with a four year old for dungeons and PVP raids – I had quite a few bad comments about that – shes constantly supervised while she plays any game; who would let loose a 4y.o on their computer to create havok as they wish :p Derogatory comments will not be approved. Just enjoy the video for what it is, and thanks for looking/rating ^-^