Silkroad ~ Stormie Dual Build PVP Level 100 Part 1

Stormie level 100 dual build pvp! Stormie, My set is now fully complete, i am over farmed by 210000 SP. – I will be making regular PvP vidoes with new opponents. There will be a Part 2 comming after this video. I am recording PvP over the comming days. – I hope you enjoy this video – Rate,Comment + SUBSCRIBE!!. 100 Bow; 100 Blade; 100 Fire Opponents; Rebel, Eletronic, Springwater, ZzShEcOzZ, DarkAurora, Song Name: Disturbed – Liberate Disturbed – Down With The Sickness Disclaimer: I DON’T CLAIM ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THESE SONGS, THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED TO THE OWNERS AND I AM NOT PROFITING FROM PUTTING THEM ON YOUTUBE. – I AM SIMPLY USING THEM TO ENHANCE MY VIEWERS EXPERIENCE. ALL SONGS HAVE BEEN BOUGHT FROM iTunes STORE!.