Silkroad Full Immortality 110 Wizzard PvP

This is a pvp vs the 2nd best wizzard and the 3rd best wizzard on alexander. I could not record all the round, because of lag (Flamad killed me once, but the clip was too laggy) . Flamad has the best set on alexander (according to rev6) Flamad is 110 FF, with full immortality +7/+9, with a +11 nova staff. zandla2010 is 110 FF, with full la nova +5/+7, with a +10 nova staff. My 2h was +7 nova, but my guildy asked me to plus his 2h and i plused wrong one, so mine went +0(so for zandla i used a normal +9 2h). I also dropped my immortality nova la head(from murder status), so i couldnt use that against zandla either xD. Final Score: Kasin vs FLAMAD 5:1 Kasin vs zandla2010 4:1 Server: Alexander