Possibility – Silkroad movie by wiNt

Hello. This is my new movie, with little story. I was making it like 2 days. I tried to add something more that standard pvp or job. So here is result 🙂 Record : Fraps Edit : Sony Vegas 9 / Adobe After Effects Rendering time : 1h Music : – Sean Murray Call of Duty Black Ops (Original Game Soundtrack) – Corner Stone Cues – Petra – Groove Addicts – The Beast At Our Door – Epic Score – Stand Tall – X-Ray dog – Rankle ABOUT CONTEST : Sorry for that I didnt told you anything about winners, but really I havent time to watch all of this movies. So here are 3 first places : 1. HayLeeSro 2. Oll225522 3. Joki404 Gratz to winner “HayLeeSro” and enjoy movie.