Do You Wanna Date My Avatar goes AION

W00t, I’ve spent about a week to do all the bling bling stuff and now I can proudly send this video, so you can watch it^^ game: AION (NCSoft’s, not mine ofc;) song: The Guild – Do you wanna date my avatar (owned by them. BTW, support them by visiting their site . They’re making awesome stuff^^) once again huge thanks to Sariell, Yocco, Jugan, Schizoo and Voilet for being such a great party in-game and in real life. This one’s for you guys^^ I’d also like to thank our guild Royal Legion on Gorgos server, especially Earnamarie for being nice and friendly leader, and to rest of our guildies for teamwork when it’s needed 🙂 Abriel, Tagaruk, Globar, Damrod, Witz, Kherith, Zyklon, Świstak, Snarre… o Was też pamiętam;) THE VIDEO HAS BEEN POSTED ON Eye on Community 16.04.2010 ;DDDDD I’m SOOOOOOOO happy^^