Aion Online – Gameplay from a WoW players point of veiw

In this video I am showing another person in my WoW guild what Aion is like. Both of us have been “new MMO’s shy” from the time when AoC and Warhammer didn’t meet our expectations. Zloty (guy watching) is more gun shy about a new MMO than I am so hear how he feels about is first real exposure to Aion as we watch this video I made of my Sorcerer in open beta. I’m not trying to say that wow or Aion is better. Personally I am bored of WoW so I have been wanting something new, Aion is it for me and some of my friends. This video is merely for educational and entertainment only. If you like Pvp and you like wow’s Pve, but wish the crafting system had more meaning, try out Aion I think you will be presently surprised. I hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to leave comments but be advised I will delete tollers/flamers and kids being idiots from the comments and ban you. Red