Aion Classes Video Guide A guide to all classes on aion. Check the laptop best for this game below. 1)Templars are defensive tanks. If you’re looking to tank in raids, this is the class you want to play. Capable of carrying a shield they offer the highest defensive value, making it a great fit for the traditional meatshield role 2)Gladiators are more offensive fighters, think fury-specced warriors in WoW. What they lack in defense, they make up in offense. If youre looking for a tank that also can dish out some damage, youll probably be happy with this choice. 3)Assassins are your typical rogue class. Coming from an EQ world, they are rogues, only capable of wearing leather, specializing in daggers and of course counting stealth as their major bonus. 4)Rangers are the other option for scouts. They trade off the element of surprise stealth for better armor and more versatility when it comes to using weapons. 5)Spiritmasters can probably be compared the most to Magicians in EQ and Warlocks in WoW. They send their summoned creatures to fight for them and stand back during the action. Only being able to wear cloth armor they are dependent on their summoned creatures and other players to protect them from melee attacks. 6)Sorcerers are your run-of-the-mill, average nukers. Pure range DPS these glass cannons live up to their expectations. Being one of two cloth classes in Aion, they are your main choice for magical range DPS. Like their Spiritmaster counterparts, you have to count