Aion CHN – Lava cave of Taran (outdoor dungeon)

Music by Hybrid, song is called “Finished Symphony” “This dungeon is not instanced, which is fun imo and I figured Id be nice to show some of the stuff Aion got to offer. This dungeon felt huge, like going around in a maze for all of eternity ^^. Lots of mobs and bosses and sadly I forgot to record 2-3 bosses which is why I had to drag it out a bit with the trash packs. The bosses aint special, mainly tank and spank but gotta be aware of where you tank them (can be seen vs the Queen fight). They call for help/backup and it can be deadly if dealt wrong. Im playing as a chanter and my friend as a gladiator (the one tanking), not the most optimal setup but worked very good until we got the extra pack. My heal is too weak to be able to keep anyone up in that situation (at least barely).”