Aion Chanter: Asmodian grind for easy EXP & Kinah (Pt 2)

And here is Part 2 of 2 for your viewing pleasure. Not much going on other than showing you how exactly all that killing and questing translates into money. Keep in mind that this is a relatively universal concept for Aion as there are many of these “Coin Quests” throughout most zones and obviously as you graduate to a higher level zone the amount of money you make and exp and loot will scale accordingly. The Chanter is unique as a melee class doing this because I suffer absolutely zero downtime in between fights and that makes it go by all that much faster. If you decide to buddy up with another DPS class or even a Templar for tanking, then you’ve got a well oiled money printing machine! Aion is the property of NCsoft and I am in now way officially affiliated with them nor claim to own the rights to any of this other my soothing sexy voice mmmm. Also don’t bitch about getting movies up, according to YouTube these two uploads will take 6+ hours to get from my PC to your screen. Unless you want me to stop making them HD and lower the resolution so you can’t see shit.