Aion Chanter: Asmodian grind for easy EXP & Kinah (Pt 1)

Hi everybody I’m still alive. It takes a little more work to put these movies out than most people think, but thank you all the same for the continued subscriptions and comments. I do read them all. Anyway here’s what you’re getting in this video: – Chanter solo play and DPS potential with moderate gear making for zero downtime. – A solid proven method for getting fucktons of experience points and kinah. – A basic walkthrough on how I play my Chanter as a melee DPS and support class. Part 2 is being uploaded right after this in the queue so expect that later today. Aion is the property of NCsoft and I am in now way officially affiliated with them nor claim to own the rights to any of this other my soothing sexy voice mmmm.