Aion CB5 Gathering Basics Revised Version

Alright lads n’ lassies, I’m back with another series of Aion Closed Beta videos and guides for CB5! I know I did a gathering vid already but like most of my first uploads, it was lacking. In this video you’ll see the basics of gathering which isn’t very complex at all truth be told. Also you’ll hear my single major complaint with Aion, gathering in flight. Now there ARE items and gear and such that let you fly longer for more time gathering, but until the mid-range levels it’s not realistic. People suggest finding a node closer to the ground, that’s all fine and good if it wasn’t for the long downtime waiting for your flight meter to refill and the slowness with which you gather Aether from the sky. You may not fall to your death, but its still a time sink compared to normal gathering. also the best quality aether comes from very high up. Be sure to visit andplease rate 5 stars and SUBSCRIBE! Also for those too slow to figure it out themselves Aion is the property of NCsoft and i am in now way officially affiliated with them nor claim to own the rights to any of this other my soothing sexy voice mmmm.