Aion CB5: A look at travel in Aion

Alright lads n’ lassies, I’m back with another series of Aion Closed Beta videos and guides for CB5! When making these Aion videos I ask myself, “what do I know about MMORPGs that share a same thread?” so I figured I should take some footage from the different modes of travel. In Aion you already know you can fly with your character and it serves as a speed boost but more of a tatical and strategic option for combat than simple travel like a boring mount. There is however, teleporting and flightpaths all over the world. You can also travel between certain zones through portals or simple zone entrances. Be sure to visit andplease rate 5 stars and SUBSCRIBE! Also for those too slow to figure it out themselves Aion is the property of NCsoft and i am in now way officially affiliated with them nor claim to own the rights to any of this other my soothing sexy voice mmmm.