Aion, Are you Flawless? Flawless Legion

An Intro to our Legion Flawless We will be playing Aion North America, when it is released on Sept. 22nd. A FEW WEEKS AWAY PEOPLE!! Check us out at About us There have been many who fight to push beyond the limits of our infinitesimal reality. Those who would stretch to reach for this perfection, only to find it inches from their grasp. Flawlessness is not a noun that represents a place or even a standing one can achieve. It is a name that defines the endless struggle for improvement, toward the apex and far beyond it. To achieve that which is paramount and rival in it with all its glory. And in turn, while with humility, crush those who wish to destroy your way of life. True perfection is passion. It is the voice deep inside you that drives you to continue the fight. It is the effort… it is the blood, sweat and tears of joy you cry when you look back and see how far you’ve come. It is persistence, the never ending desire, true and flowing inside you to become the best. It is eternal, and not limited to our foul interpretations of it… You see, perfection is not a boundary one reaches and stops. Rather, it is the breaking of one… You feel it too don’t you? That which is flawless. Many thanks to the few who were able to play in Aion China. With this knowledge of the game we will take it to North America and strive to be #1. Game: Aion: The Tower of Eternity (China) Video Recording: Game Cam Video Editing: Windows Movie Maker Music: X-Ray Dog www.x