Silkroad – Damage Bug + Temple Uniques lvl 101-105

19.03.10 i was able to port with that bug 😀 HOW TO: The most ppl sold their weapos to npc, Rebought them and equpied it again = add the weapons phy and mag atk again and again. After porting = reset. I simply used 6 weapons to get that dmg, i had them always in inventory and was able to use that bug when i wanted. Equiped Spear 1, then spear 2, spear 3, spear 4, glaive 1 and my sword. I got 28k Mag atk and 29k Phy atk. !!!JOYMAX FIXED THE BUG ALREADY!!! SONG: Junkie XL Ft. Lauren Rocket – Fuck More