Silkroad – 70:70 Bow SUN PvP lv 100

Some answers on future asked questions: Why did you change to bow? -Because i got a sunbow Why will you change to spear? -Because i got bored of bow with the kb What’s your build? – 70:70 What is 70:70? – Naked balance of 70%phy and 70%mag (no cloths, no avater, no gold dragon flag, no prem) What server do you play? – RedSea What program did you use for editing? – Sony Vegas 8.0b Where can i download Sony Vegas? – Buy it! Or use google for a download What program did you use for recording? – Fraps (Full ver.) What songs did you use? 1st: Death Note OST II – Tactics of the absolute 2nd: The Qemist – Drop Audio 3rd: Marilyn Manson – Resident Evil theme