Infinite Aion Private Server (How to Download Here) Register and Play for free! -Helpful and active community/forums/GM’s -Free game download and no monthly fee -Hours of amazing and deep gameplay -Gorgeous graphics Aion (Retail Version) is now available as of September 22nd, 2009. The Infinite Private Server is still currently being worked on and is now in Alpha Stage. This means we are still implementing some things and fixing bugs, but it’s very playable and only a few things are missing from the game. However, most major things are implemented. Things Finished on the Server: Hp/Mp Regeneration. Proper character stats for all classes. Complete and proper XP requirements for each level. Basic Combat System. DP System. Both in skill usage and in obtaining it from killing mobs. DP bonuses for level differences. Including increased DP for specific ranks and ratings of mobs as per retail info. Proper Npc death and respawn. Advanced skill engine supporting hundreds of working skills with retail values. Including skills leveling themselves up and giving proper increases to power and effectiveness. Basic NPC interaction. Inventories. Loot system with loot priority. Hot-bar/options/macro saving. Basic NPC Shops. Almost 100% teleports and flight paths. Dual Wielding. Consumables. Proper equipment restrictions. Hundreds of quests. At this point, over a thousand done. Transformations. Party system. Still adding full support to include all party capabilities. NPC titles and