Aion: The Tower of Eternity PC gameplay 1680×1050 8xAA highest available settings (720p HD) #2

Aion PC gameplay at highest available settings on a Q6600, 8800GT OC 625MHz 512MB, 4GB RAM. This video shows a bit of the Asmodian Warrior in Gladiator/Templar questchain (actually Daeva questchain) and some early Gladiator gameplay with polearm. Yes you might have seen the “cutscene” before and being melee is probably not the best when lagging on a korean server. HD quality playback might have issues with low performance computers. EDIT: Bad quality a la ancient cellphone cam with 5fps? Misleading video content that doesn’t match the description? Rickrolled? or are you rating 1 for hating..? Any personal agenda against Aion should be taken with NCSoft instead, not me.