Aion, So you wanna learn something about Sorcerer? Skillz Part 2

Update on skills from AionArmory to 1.5 . Recently Aionarmory updated the skill descriptions to match the 1.5 Skills, it use to be 1.0 Here’s my Sorcerer, FaceLift, in Aion China showcasing the skills I’ve learned. These are Asmodian Sorcerer Skills, Elyos have some skills that are different. Keep in mind, to the North Ameircan/European Players, that these skills are from the China Retail version of Aion. The Skill Names and Descriptions are subject to change by NCSoft. Aion China is barely going into the 1.2 Patch. North American and European Aion will come with the most updated Patch, 1.5. 1.2 Korean Patch Notes Translated: 1.5 Translated: This one is Lengthy, sorry I didn’t think it would be this long. I separated the Categories to make it easier AoEs: 00:30 CC: 03:15 DoTs: 04:43 Buffs: 05:22 Mana Restoration: 07:41 Miscellaneous: 08:18 If you missed my First Sorcerer Skill Showcase go Here: Game: Aion: The Tower of Eternity (China) Video Recording: Fraps Video Editing: Windows Movie Maker Screen Capture: Snagit 9 Music from 1st to last : 1st Artist: The Chemical Brothers Song: The Big Jump 2nd Artist: Paul Oakenfold Song: Perfect Wave Skill source: