Aion PvP level 50 Assassin – Yippie Kye Yay!

(Watch in HD 720p!) Character profile: Me, on my level 50 Assassin, killing almost exclusively level 50’s in the abyss. Lots of examples of killing when outnumbered in combat, usually resulting in total wipes on the enemy side. Only 1-2 of the fights include PvE mobs (that actually hit THEM and not me…), so the only thing that gives me a head start at the beginning is the element of surprise. Note that in some of the clips I seem to purposely wait until players are done with a mob and top themselves off. This is not by accident, this is meant to show that it doesn’t matter at what HP they are at or sometimes even what skills they have at their disposal. In the right hands, the assassin can be extremely effective at getting its job done, which is (surprise) assassination. Filefront link: WeGame link: Music: Devil May Cry 3 Theme Song Skillet – Whispers in the Dark In Flames – My Sweet Shadow