Aion Online Trailer – 闘魂Remix || kklowd Edition

Please view in HD. A remix of clips I’ve made as a trailer promo for Aion Online (The Tower of Eternity). Soon to be released in 2009. Developer: NCsoft Corporation Platform: PC Online Official Site: Unofficial Site: A 3D world with incredible graphics. Choose from either Elyos or Asmodians as your race and continue your journey to unfold a story. With a vast new world to explore, a variety of skills to use, and engaging combat system, you’ll be imagining yourself in a whole new world. Don’t worry though, characters can not only explore and engage in combat from below, but also from above. This world is not just limited to ground level, but your character may also ascend to the skies with wings. Side Notes: Well, this is my first video edit/remix, whatever you may want to call it. Comments would be appreciated, but please don’t flame. Constructive criticism would be fine. Parts of the song matches up with the video, and I find that kind of cool. I didn’t mean to make it like that, but it turned out alright. If you’re wondering, I used 3 songs in this video. The artists are in the credits. Hope you enjoyed the video. 🙂 Please subscribe.