Aion CB5 Professions & Crafting Primer (HD)

Alright lads n’ lassies, I’m back with another series of Aion Closed Beta videos and guides for CB5! So I haven’t done a video showing you all the specific professions in Aion until now. AS I stated in the video there is no limitation per say on the professions, you can learn all of them, however. You can only become a master in one of them so the highest/best crafts are pretty much exclusively created by that person. Sure there isn’t much to stop players from picking up every profession and gearing themselves out int he process but the amount of money needed as well as time spent crafting is INSANE. So only a complete psycho or a kinah buyer would do this. Crafting as well is just a lot of fun in Aion. You don’t have to spend hours just crafting tons of useless crap in bulk and lose mats in the process. Work order quests let you burn through the skill-ups like crazy, and you get exp for crafting as well so it’s a win/win situation. I remember when I had gathered up something like 200 iron ore, bought the appropriate amount of charcoal briskets and went AFK crafting Steel Ingots as I ate dinner. I came back with all my bars done and about 5000 exp away from leveling up from a zero point as well as my armor smithing skill leveled. Be sure to visit andplease rate 5 stars and SUBSCRIBE! Also for those too slow to figure it out themselves Aion is the property of NCsoft and i am in now way officially affiliated with them nor claim to own the rights to any of