Silkroad Video Tutorial

A Video Tutorial I created to help the many users who keep asking me what I use to make Silkroad Videos and how I create them. Programs used: Recording: FRAPS 2.7.2 ( HyperCam 2 ( Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 ( I use a DELL Latitude D630 Laptop Computed, but today I was home for Easter so I had my computer hooked up to a 19″ LCD Monitor, so my screen was bigger. I also had a nice gaming mouse with me. FAQ Q: Where did you get these programs? A:,, Q: How did you get full versions of these programs? I can only get trial versions! A: Friend’s helped me get them, I don’t know how or where to get them on my own. Q: I heard two songs but you only listed one song in the credits! A: It’s the same song, just two different sections of it. Q: How do you make all those video effects? A: I just fool around and find stuff I like. Search and you can find tutorials. Q: What did you use to record your desktop? A: HyperCam 2 Q: How come you click your skills, and why is there no skill on the 2 key? A: Because HyperCam 2 doesn’t allow me to use the number keys or F keys for some reason. My two key is broken too =( Q: Why did you use such a heavy song? I didn’t like it…. A: It was the only song I had, thought I might as well make the video fit it. Q: I uploaded my video to YouTube in HD but there is no option for HD! A: Processing for HD takes a while; about an hour or two later, your