Silkroad Online – „The Enlightenment Path“ Part 5 (1/2)

Silkroad Online movie, „The Enlightenment Path“ Part 5 (1/2). Final part of this movie, hope you enjoy it, and if you have any doubts about the story line, feel free to ask all the questions you want here. Sorry if there are some repeated video frags, but the ones i was going to use, are missing and i couldn’t re-record them (out of actors 😛 ) —————o——————– Story Line: Alex finally knows that Akiro was the evil guy all the time. He looks back, and Akiro appears. Unfortunately, Akiro teached Alex a suicide skill, wich uses every energy resource from the users body. This skill had left Alex unhable to battle with Akiro. Ryu decides to face Akiro, but he knows that Alex is the only one who can defeat him. While Alex is recovering himself, Ryu have a small talk with Akiro and then Ryu reveals the truth of all this conflict. The chinese were under a civil war due to economic issues. Ryu and Akiro, were told to protect their family goods that were hiden somewhere in Jangan. But one night the goods were stolen and nobody could see the thief, except for Ryu’s girlfriend. A few days later, Ryu was having a rest near the mansion’s fountain, when he saw Akiro pass by. Ryu asked him where was he going, Akiro replied that he was going to check the main gates status, for the family safety. This was a huge lie, Akiro was going to see Ryu’s girlfriend for one reason… She was the only eyewitness of the robbery, the thief had been Akiro, and he decided to kill her