Silkroad Online – „The Enlightenment Path“ Part 4 (2/2)

Silkroad Online movie, „The Enlightenment Path“ Part 4 (2/2). I played a bit with the effects now :D, enjoy. (Sorry for the delay, but my guild has been under internal conflicts) Story Line: Susy and Alex finally arrived to the Jangan area, but, it looks creepy and a strong evilness can be felt around. Susy and Alex decide to continue walking trought the bamboo forest, but they got to stop when they find someone. This person looks exactly as Ryu does, but he isn’t Ryu, his real name is Akiro, and he results to be Ryu’s brother and also, an old Susy’s master. Akiro calls Susy „Assasin Wind“, wich is her chinese squad alias. Akiro offers help to train them at his village, but Alex doesn’t trust him. Susy, convinces Alex to trust on him, and they both follow Akiro. When they finally arrive to the train field, Alex doesn’t need to learn new skills, since he knows all of them, he just got to improove them. Akiro focuses on Susy, and he help her to release hidden holy power. After learningn ew skills, Alex and Susy train uncountable days with Akiro, until they become strong enough like for facing Ryu. One night, while Akiro and Susy were sleeping, Alex was the only one awake in the are, so he decides to walk around. When he left the village, he found Robert in front of him. Alex asked him many questions, but instead of a reply, he got atacked by his own dad. Alex doesn’t have many options, so he decides to fight him. With all his streng, he defeats his dad, but suddenly, his