Silkroad Online – „The Enlightenment Path“ Part 3 (1/2)

Silkroad Online movie, „The Enlightenment Path“ Part 3 (1/2). Oh well, this time i meant to split this part 🙂 Story Line: After the last hit against Thang, Alex defeats him and discover that Thang wasn’t as bad as he seemed to be. Thang was blind with some kind of evil power obtained from the chinese leader. Right after Thang’s dead, Susy appeared behind Alex and asked for his master. Alex told her that he was dead, but Susy couldn’t find his body and Alex didn’t understand, the was something wrong in all this. After talking with susy, he decided to continue his journey and save his mom, but Susy says to him that she will go with him. They both continue the journey, fighting many monsters, walking by deserts and snow areas. During the journey, Susy reveals Alex her love, and Alex falls in love too. After a long journey, they finally arrive to China, but there is still alot of distance to go… While walking, Alex find his uncle and next to him, the burglar who tried to kill him before. His uncle atacks him and he ask a couple questions. Finally, he discovers that Susy is part of the chinese squad, and that many people from the Blakys village joined the chinese too. However, Alex, using a rare and holy power, defeats his uncle and then fights the burglar. The burglar was on the chinese squad too, but he wasn’t like the rest of the Blakys, he was disgusting and full of a pure evilness that could even scare the most brave warrior. Alex defeats him and then he continue his