Silkroad Online – „The Enlightenment Path“ Part 2 (1/2)

Silkroad Online movie, „The Enlightenment Path“ Part 2 (1/2) I didin’t ment to split the part 2, but it resulted a bit long. Story Line: After defeating Zhang, Alex decided to continue his trip and find his mom. When he was walking by some kind of camps, he didn’t have a good feeling about the area. Then, an unknow burglar appearead and in a few seconds he defeated Alex. Right before his dead, a mistery wizard appeared and stopped the burglar, alex ran with him and they both scaped from the evil burglar. After meeting the rest of the „team“ made of only 1 more person (Susy), he discovered that Steve, the unknown wizard was in fact, his grandfather. Before Alex could say anything, Steve told him to train inmediatly, without giving him a reason. While training, Alex asked some questions but, Steve refused to answer… After some hard training, Alex finnaly learned the new sword’s skills and in a few days he became stronger, feeling ready to find his mom. One day, he was watching the sun set, when he started to remember his past… Steve tells him an story, wich in fact, will help Alex in the future… One morning, Alex decides to hunt one kokuru for breakfast, so he goes to an open are. While he is out of the camp, Thang, an evil chinese glavier atacks Susy, leaving her unable to use her powers, and also, atacks Steve who dies right in front of Alex. Thang insults Steve, and suddenly, Alex gets an incredible power, and the fight starts. While fighting, Alex say something