Silkroad Online – „The Enlightenment Path“ Part 1

Silkroad Online movie „The enlightenment path“ Part 1. Story Line: Alex and his father, Robert, come back from gathering wood outside the village. Everything is destroyed and they cant see Amelia (Alex’s mom). They search her trough the village and Alex finds William, his uncle. He was injuried to dead and tell them what happened. Robert decides to rescue his wife, but alex wants to help his uncle first. Robert denies and they both go for Amelia. A few days later, Alex is tired of the trip and they both rest in a abandonated camp. In the morning, Robert hears a noise (Grass footstep) and goes to check it. when he gets to the nearly lake, he gest murdered by someone. Alex wakes up, and search for Robert until he finnaly finds him, about to die. Robert tells him to search Amelia, and Alex acepts. During his way, Alex starts to surrender, but a ghost or illusion of his father, tells him to continue and find a „Path“. Alex continues his trip running from strange monsters that try to stop him. He finnaly gets to a bridge and thinks he will be safe. Instead of that, Zhang, an evil chinese spearman is waiting for him. He reveals some details of Amelia’s location after he loses against Alex. Alex continues his trip. Stay tunned for Part 2!. ———————-o———————– Rate comment and subscribe & Thanks for watching! 😀