Silkroad- Lvl 90 FullFarmed Rogue/ Warrior PVP Compilations

warrior/rogue pvp compilations In-game Name: Lightheart Server: Mercury Music: Beethoven Virus Disturbed- Inside the fire Chris Cornel- You know my name This is my pvp compilations against different builds in silkroad online, a nice game IMO. The one, the only, the ORIGINAL Warrior/rogue Lightheart. Enjoy, copy with discretions, and DO NOT believe posers. To all those PG-13 punks(under 18), get it straight once and for all :I created this fighting style to incorporate into my character Lightheart, this is the original fighting style that I myself came up with, not copy from any other warriors/rogue. They got their reference from this video. Get it straight!! Have fun^_____^