Silkroad Demon Shaitan Zeus PhoenixxxX’s 1st Kill

PhoenixxxX killed Shaitan 1st time… it’s a bit laggy cuz i had 4 open clients ^^ Music: Paffendorf – LaLaLa Girl / David Guetta – Love is gone PLEASE READ THIS AND TAKE PART!!!!!! Hi all, At the 23th of Dec. Joymax have Startet an “ E-Mail Service „. Now we wrote an Letter, that says that they shall change the Fortress Time to the Weekend. Please go all to the website and press on „Support“ then on „Contact Support“ then on „Type Content“ and send the letter to joymax: „Dear Joymax Customer Support Team. To improve every user’s gaming experience I want to ask you to change the time of fortress war from Thursday 7pm Silkroad Standard Time (UTC + 9) to Saturday 7pm Silkroad Standard Time. But i do not want to ask you only, I also want to give some really important reasons which might persuade you to change the time of fortress war. As you know, most Silkroad Online players live in Germany, Turkey and the USA. Currently there are really big problems taking part in fortress war because of the different time zones. In Germany for example it is 11am (UTC +1) when fortress war starts. But at 11am most people have to be at school or at work, so they cannot take part in fortress war. In Turkey, it is nearly the same, because it is 12am (UTC + 2) when fortress war starts. Taking a look at the USA, you see that the time differs from 12pm to 5am there (UTC 5 up to UTC -10) because there are lots of time zones. As you can see, that might be a problem, because from