Silkroad Arbeitsamt presents rSRO

*******Description******** Homepage Forum http Register ClientDownload FreeBot, same like SBOT but for Free 🙂 If you will play this Game in english you must download a English from different Forums or make it self 🙂 All Players are Welcome. This is not a Fake or any Private Sevrer Sh!t THIS IS REAL – THIS IS RSRO !! ITEMMALL PRICE LIST INS USD ($) Premium Plus = 21$ Skill GT = 6$ EXP GT = 10$ PET= 8$ ALL IS FCKING CHEAPER THEN IN ISRO :DDD FCK JOYMAX – ASTRUM ONLINE FTW 😀 BTW: You can Pay Silks with Paypal,PSC,Webmoney,Ukash and other Sh!T. All special Price check it Self ;-P