Silkroad 1st recorded Haroeris Kill + Seth preview

we killed Hareoris in 1h with 3x Pt´s &he dropped 5 gold coins greetz to the partys , VaniTy + ts it was possible to kill Seth , but the other party´s went back to town xD btw just 32 people can enter seth´s room after haroeris dead , the pandora box in the middle will spawn a teleporter to seth. our party : lorteddie [wizard] Zaxxon [wizard] Kasamasutra [wizard] XDamnationX [bard] Pimmel_Pirat [bard] SyntaXBug [wizard] till 60% then [cleric] 2Strong2Die [warrior] (he tanked him) PornNighT [warlock+cleric] IMPORTANT !!