Prologue: The Asmodian – Aion (Setting, Story and Lore)

AION Prologue: The Asmodian – Aion (Setting, Story and Lore) Like a monsoon started with the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, there’s always a chain of events that leads to where we are. Machinima’s new sereies, Prologue, tells the tale of what came before the controller is being handed to the player. Stories of conflict are always told by the victors. The story of Aion, however, is still unfolding. In the battle of the Elyos and Asmodian, there’s two views to the same struggle. There’s no doubt the Asmodian fell to the harsher side of the planet when the Tower shattered. Why they are there, or who’s fault that is depends on the one answering the question. This week… Lani Blazier, Associate Producer of NCSoft gives voice to… The Asmodian. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: