[Piano Solo] Aion OST ~ Tower Of Eternity {Main Theme}

After 9001 takes :p… My arrangement/transcription of „Tower Of Eternity“ (Main Theme, Track 1 from OST) from NCSoft’s Upcoming MMO Aion: Tower Of Eternity, composed by Ryo Kunihiko. This one took me about 2-3 days to get down the harmony/melody and another 2-3 days to fine tune it for playability. Very tough for me to play. I don’t usually play such animated/dynamic pieces so it was a nice workout on my fingers :P. It’s especially difficult to effectively reduce orchestra to piano, so hopefully I did it justice. Recorded on a KORG SP-300. Hope you enjoy 😉 DL MP3 & Sheet Music @ www.aionsource.com MIDI @ www.megaupload.com