[Piano Solo] Aion OST ~ Death Waltz

My arrangement/transcription of „Death Waltz“ from NCsoft’s Upcoming MMO Aion: Tower Of Eternity, composed by Ryo Kunihiko. This one plays in the Verteron zone – Elysea; by the Lepharist Peons/Thieves. This one wasn’t so tough to arrange since it has relatively few parts and fairly straightforward cadences. Although it’s tough in general to hear past the unique timbre and ambience in the original tracks. Some of the runs were rather difficult to transcribe but I think you’ll find the meat of them is there 😉 Also, I hope you don’t mind: I added extra harmony to the chorus to give it a fuller feel. The way it is in the original track just seemed too anemic–so I added a little back and forth between iv-Vi. I didn’t want to add too much because it’s meant to be simple. Recorded on a KORG SP-300. Hope you enjoy 😉 DL MP3 & Sheet Music @ www.aionsource.com MIDI @ www.megaupload.com