Aion Tower of Eternity *Gameplay by Sipp* ( part 1 )

Das ist ein kleines Video von Aion, wo ich gerade spiele.Mit ein paar erklärungen und einblicke in die Welt von Aion.Hoffe es gefällt euch ! Viel spaß beim ansehen wünscht euch der Sipp 😉 The english sub titel by Mike alias Ken: Dear Aion fans, welcome to Aion! Today I would like to show you the game and Ill start right away. This is the server menu, but lets go to the server on which I made my characters. Well, here we are. Doesnt it look great? This is my rogue. I can just click through… lets log in with the rogue. Alright, there we go. Ill teleport at once in order to show you a beautiful area of Aion. Id like to add that my computer isnt that high end. Its an AMD dual-core 5,6 ghz with a GeForce 8600 256 mb and 2 gb RAM. But as you can see the game runs quite smooth even though I have Fraps running at the same time. So lets look at the settings, here we have the Interface options, here the graphics. At the moment its 1280×1024 everything at high detail. Only the blur-effect is disabled but I can demonstrate you how it looks. But I dont really like it since it looks quite unsharp. Okay, so lets go. As you can see the game is very detailed and the developers obviously worked hard there. Ive just completed the Christmas-quest recently so I got this christmas hat… quite cute actually. Look at my hair before putting it on it was naturally open, now with the hat on the hairstyle has changed. It may happen that there will be some short connection problems but thats