Aion: The Tower of Eternity PC gameplay 1680×1050 8xAA highest available settings (720p HD) #1

Aion PC gameplay at highest available settings on a Q6600, 8800GT OC 625MHz 512MB, 4GB RAM. Aion is a PvP/PvE p2p MMORPG with two playable faction against each other: Elyos vs Asmodian(Alliance vs Horde?). This video shows a low level Elyos Mage gameplay at starter area. The game reminds me of: + World of Warcraft(controls, steering, gameplay, combat, quests, questlog & q-tracking, mailboxes, critters, target dummies, etc) + Lineage 2(visuals – environment, visuals – characters, some character animations & styles, character classes, the music) + Final Fantasy XI(X / X-2 / XII: visuals – characters & npcs, the music). Not mentioning any other NCsoft titles which this game might also resemble as. There is no need to start flaming even if you don’t agree with me as there is NOTHING against the game NOR being negative about it. HD quality playback might have issues with low performance computers. Bad quality a la ancient cellphone cam with 5fps? Misleading video content that doesn’t match the description? Rickrolled? or are you rating 1 for hating..? Any personal agenda against Aion should be taken with NCSoft instead, not me.