AION – Shadow of The Balaur version 1.5 update official trailer (HD 720p)

AION version 1.5 the third major game update, all scenes are real in-game footage. The trailer review 4 type of new dungeons. Patch Release Date: 5th August 2009 (KR), 22nd September 2009 (NA), 25th September 2009 (EU). [1]Dark Poeta (occupied by the Balaurs, origin from Poeta map at Elysea) – 4 hours run time limit, 16 bosses, last boss no time limit, lvl50, what type of final BOSS determine by cleared stage grade ranging from Grade F to S. [2]Pirate Ship (Mutated Shugo in Balaur realm call themselves as Shulacks, assault and rob the trade mission to invade the Elyos Realm and Asmodians Realm) – The Steel Rake is the name of the pirate ship belonging to the Shulacks, lvl40, three-storey structure ship, there are many different routes to go through in this instance, the difficulty varies depending on which route is taken. [3]Dredgion (Balaur Battefield) – This is a PvPvE type instance where Elyos and Asmodian players can both enter at same time and compete the same instance, can only enter at specific scheduled time table, lvl45, there are many different routes to reach the commander and a variety of ways to impede the opposing factions progression all of which requires a strategic plan, registration is available in Individual mode (enter alone) / Quick mode (enter it immediately when game is running or there is little entrance time left) / Group mode (form a team to enter). [4]Abyss Fortress Dungeon – The 3 fortress in the lower Abyss (sulfur Tree Fortress, West Sield