Aion PvE – Grand Cheiftain Kasika (world boss) – Simple Walkthru

Me and Lavy joining a 16 people raid to kill the boss Grand Chieftain Kasika. Simple Walkthru on how to kill it while watching the clip Boss have 4 phase – Phase 1@100%-75%hp, Phase2@75%-50%, Phase3@50%-25% and Phase4@25%-0% P1) main tank hold boss at specify location, main healers heal tank. Dps starts a few sec afterwards. P2) adds will often spawn starting here, all DPS kills them as soon as possible. backup healers will heal the party. Keep spawns off main cleric. DPS should return to backup healers on low health because you will be out of range to them P3) Boss does more dmg and does stone curse. 2nd cleric must stay out of range here, and ALWAYS remember to cure main cleric so main cleric can keep tank alive!! backup healers heals everybody else!! Adds still spawns…. remember to kill them P4) Boss does insane damage and stone curses AND sleeps!!. 2nd cleric still stays out of range to cure main cleric. DPS remember to return to backup healers for heals!! Notes: 1) remember to kill all mobs in the area 2) main tanks and main cleric should keep the boss occupied, and 2nd tank always in prepare!! 3) DPS must go back to rear for backup healers to heal.. they wont come up to heal you. 4) If the party do not have enough healers, let the non healers use rez stones to revieve people 5) 2nd cleric remember to cure!!!!! and dont get in range!!! Hope you enjoy the video