Aion KOR – 2.0 New lvl55 Stigma Skills

Aion: The Tower of Eternity The new lvl 55 stigma stone skills that come with the 2.0 content update. The sills are as follows: Gladiator: Sure Strike I Inflicts 2372-2376 damage to the target. Draining Sword I Inflicts 724-728 damage to the target and has a chance to absorb 20% of the damage as HP. Templar: Shieldburst I Inflicts 1152-1156 damage to the target. Empyrean Providence I Creates a protective shield for 15s that has a 100% chance of blocking damage each time the caster and up to 6 allies within a 30m radius receive all attack. In addition, increases Stun, Knock Back, Stumble, Spin, and Aether’s Hold Resists by 1000 (The protective shield blocks 50% of the damage received per attack). Assassin: Signet Silence I Ignite a rune carved on the target up to 1 level, causing the rune to explode inflicting damage and silencing the target for 30 seconds. The chance of silencing the target varies depending on the level of the rune carved on the target. Quickening Doom I Inflicts 699-703 damage to the target, and inflicts an additional 739 damage and stuns the target if it is poisoned. Ranger: Lightning Arrow I Fires an arrow that briefly stuns and inflicts 824-828 damage to a target within a 15m radius. Agonizing Arrow I Inflicts 1628-1632 damage to a target within a ?m(depending on the weapon) radius and poisons it for 1m. Sorcerer: Wintry Armor I If an enemy within a 5m radius all attacks you, you reflect 1000 damage to the enemy for 30s and decrease its movement and