Aion – Jumpshot Kiting Guide

See the follow-up guide at Some tidbits I forgot to put in the video or were unclear: 1. Jumpshot is a valid tactic acknowledged and ok’d by NCSoft. It is an intentional mechanic that they are fully aware of. There is nothing cheap or cheating about doing it. 2. This was mentioned but not entirely clear: When you go to jump for a jumpshot using wasd/esdf config (or mouse moving), as soon as you go into the air let go of w (or e, or the mouse buttons). Don’t start moving forward again until the arrow is out. If you continue to move forward through the jump, the jumpshot will fail. 3. Jumpshotting in place will allow you to get off 4-5 abilities in the time it would take to do 3-4 regularly. With perfect timing, you can use this to your advantage when you pop devotion. 4. This was briefly mentioned but easy to miss. An autoshot will break a jumpshot, meaning if you are in the process of autoshotting during a jump and then press the ability, you will still get the animation. Points 5 and 6 are why I actually prefer the fact that our autoshot will often stop if you don’t manually do it. 5. Movement modifiers apply whether or not your weapon is out. The arrows under your character, however, only show when your weapon is out. 6. Some abilities do not need jumpshot and can be done on the run. Examples include Entangling Shot and Arrow Strike. [ Music ] Frenzy from Dr. Mario Aion Main Theme Dreadful Fight from Final Fantasy IV [ My Character ]