Silkroad Private Server

What you need for Private Server – Silkroad Version 1.150 – GMTools 2.1.8.exe *NEW* GM Tools NOW FOR DOWNLOAD READY!!! Game Version of Sro is 1.150 Download Link is: (DONT BREAK THE LINK noobs !! Scroll down and search the sro150.exe, and when i SEE ANY MORE PPL WHO COPIED MY VIDEO AND SAME DESCRIPTION LIKE ME, I WILL DELETE THIS VIDEO + any LINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!) After you have downloaded two files, you must go in C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc. Open the “host” file and name it, BUT ONLY when it is not there. NOW start the GMTools.exe. Click Start SREmu Server and Start CHAT server. After that you must pull or miniloader.exe (client for game) in your silkroad folder, because you must start the Game with it. Then go to your Silkroad folder and open the Miniloader.exe The game starts now. LOG IN is : ID:sremu PW:test If it does not work pm me here in youtube 🙂 __________________________________ Some Commands for GM: .hotan spawn all npcs (all npcs spawning) .donwhang spawn all npcs .jangan spawn all npcs .constant spawn all npcs Unique Spawn: .spawn 1954 Tiger Girl .spawn 2002 Isyutaru .spawn 3810 Lord Yarkan .spawn 5871 Cerberus .spawn 1982 Uruchi .spawn 23639 Captain Ivy .spawn 3875 Main Shaitan .notice [Here your text] .speed 1-32000 (700 is the best) If you stay in Air and cant make nothing put this in your account editor: XSection=135 YSection=92 XPos=119,8 YPos=36 Have Fun and give me a rate ^.^