Silkroad Online – Glaiver Force PvP – lv100 Cap

Hello guys this is a video from my glaiver doing some pvp ^_^ blah WHEN HD OPENS!!!! 😀 PLEASE WATCH IN HD .. im sure you gonna like 😀 i will upload the songs soon if someone is interested 😀 about me : +3 protector with bad blues ,98 +3 glaive and accessories from 1st tier ^^ the bower has premiun plus :D…dunno about his stuff ^^ Questions : Q – Do you pvp ints? A – No they rape me 😀 Q – Whats the musics A – 1st is Prometeu Rising – Immediatte 2nd is Snake Dance – Jay Chou Q – What tools you used 😀 ? A – Sony Vegas 8.0 and some plugins ,new blue fx and that goes on..and some color correction using two layers and add mode on upper one 😀 and thats it :D:D:D:D: subscribe to my shit if you like 😀