SilkRoad – Deity of Sword Ⅰ (English version)

Myth says that there is a Deity of Sword in Silkroad that can change one’s destiny. It looks just like a normal sword, but hides great power… Parents of “Xiao-Tong” was killed on Silkroad by the bandit head, who holds the red spear… But she is in love with “Alger”, main male charachter who recently joined the bandits To seek revenge, Xiao Tong puts on thief garments and sneaks in their stronghold use a secret sword skill to kill the enemies but finally meets Alger, who is protecting the thief head. Now Xiao Tong mind start to struggling….. Music by 梁靜茹- 絲路(Jasmine Leong – SilkRoad) My Blog –