Aion PvP – Zot Sorcerer 42-45

Probably the best PvP vid i’ve made thus far. Sony Vegas rox. xD A compilation of (mostly 1v1 and 1v2) PvP from footage taken when I was levels 42 through 45. Zot Legion: Rise of the Fallen Server: Nezekan music, since people keep asking: Utah Jazz – Cloud Nine Sub Focus – Follow the Light method, since people keep asking: Recorded with Fraps at 1/2 size (1680×1050 native 22″ rez), default fps Edited with Sony Vegas, divx encoding (I think, can’t remember) using original dimensions I’ve quit since I made this vid and no longer play. I stopped at 46. The gist of why: -edit- Gypsy convinced me to come back with 1.9, so I’m playing again… for now :3 Thanks for all the comments, this thing has a lot of views :X